AT&T Optical Private Line Service

Fiber-Fast Speed, Multiple Options; Your Network, Designed by You

This transport service is quick and resilient – delivered over fiber facilities.

This is a Different Private Line Service

This is today’s private line. This is the service that can carry your multiple types of traffic,
in bandwidths up to 10 Gbps over a single wavelength making it easy for you to connect and simple for you to grow and manage.

Whether your business requires high speed access for local offices, or nationwide coverage AT&T Optical Private Line Service can carry your voice, video and data traffic on a connection that fits your needs.
AT&T Optical Private Line Services meet the changing demands of your business including your need for more bandwidth and security to support new high speed data applications like network storage, business continuity and network consolidations. AT&T Optical Private Line can serve your needs with a local, national and international reach. With a very broad range of service options, features and capabilities AT&T has the private line solution for you.

Optical means you get fully monitored service delivered on fiber optic cable with the interface that works best for your business. AT&T Optical Private Line Services can transmit data accurately at the speed of light providing near real time response without having to manage jitter and latency commonly found in switched data solutions.

Optical Private Line Services are fully managed which means AT&T monitors the network and dispatches technicians, often prior to you even noticing a network event. With AT&T Optical Private Line Service you get the flexibility and control you expect from your network via a solution designed for your business requirements, no matter how far your network reaches.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line


  • High-speed connectivity; Tailored to your requirements
  • Simplicity; Private line extended from your LAN to the MAN and across the WAN
  • Reliability delivered; End-to-end servicing for all network elements
  • Personalized Service; Single point of contact and designated work centers may support multiple services
  • Peace of Mind; Around the clock monitoring and management
  • Everything you need; Multiple services to meet your specific requirements
  • Good investment; Consolidate traffic for cost effective solution that can adapt
  • Availability where you need it; Extensive U.S. footprint and growing global presence

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