Carrier Ethernet High-Speed, High-Capacity Network Solutions

Our comprehensive portfolio of Ethernet services is designed to meet the full breadth of performance, reliability and bandwidth your changing business demands.

Meeting Your Networking Needs

Whether your business requires high-speed access for small branch offices, or high capacity to mission-critical data centers, or end-to-end connectivity from 512 Kbps to 10 Gbps, AT&T has an Ethernet solution for you.
AT&T’s breadth of service offerings meets demands for new end-to-end high-speed data services and current cost effective solutions. Your enterprise locations may require a local footprint as well as access to Internet and VPN services in select countries around the globe. With a very broad range of service options, features and capabilities AT&T has
an Ethernet solution for you.
Design and implement a flexible Ethernet solution to meet your data networking needs as well as satisfy your network performance and business continuity requirements. AT&T Ethernet services deliver simplicity and connectivity to new and existing services, for ease of integration with your emerging applications.

  • Performance. AT&T offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, monitoring and management of your network to help ensure maximum performance of your applications.
  • Agility. Ethernet is extended from your Local Area Network to the Metropolitan Area Network and across the Wide Area Network, allowing for simplified networking solutions around the globe.
  • Control. With committed Ethernet data rates you have virtually seamless control of VoIP and IP Telephony services and other networking applications with a simple and consistent transport technology across the Local, Metropolitan or Wide Area Network.


  • Flexibility through comprehensive services to meet your emerging business needs
  • High-speed connectivity at competitive price points
  • Simplicity – Ethernet is extended from your LAN to the MAN and across the WAN
  • Reliability delivered by AT&T’s network management expertise and end-to-end servicing dedicated work centers for all network elements provide you with a single point of contact and around the clock monitoring and management
  • Affordability of Ethernet makes implementations easier by keeping everything familiar
  • Scalability as your business applications require more bandwidth, Ethernet services can scale quickly and easily, usually without costly equipment upgrades – providing you with a high degree of bandwidth flexibility
  • Availability – network coverage where you do business

Client Benefits

With one of the largest Ethernet footprints in the U.S. and growing Global availability, AT&T Ethernet Services are where you need them and where you want to go. Ethernet Service is available in a variety of bandwidths and configurations, including switched, dedicated or point-to-point, that can be expanded and changed with ease, to meet your business applications needs. You have the flexibility and control that you expect from your Local Area Network or Wide Area Network because this solution is designed for your business requirements, no matter how far your network reaches.

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