Combine All Your Messages in One Mailbox and Be More Productive

Get voicemail messages from your landline phone, wireless phone from AT&T, email and faxes all in one mailbox. Access all those messages from any touch tone phone, or from any Internet connection!

One Convenient Place – Wherever You Are

Emails. Voice mails. Faxes. Cell phone messages.* AT&T Unified Messaging puts them all in one place. Letting you manage those messages, instead of them managing you. AT&T Unified Messaging (UM) lets you retrieve email, landline voice mail messages, cell phone messages and faxes from one convenient place. All of your messages are combined into one electronic mailbox so you can easily retrieve them by phone or from any Internet connection online, anywhere in the world. Stop wasting time checking four different places for messages and start consolidating your world with AT&T Unified Messaging.

Control Your Messages – Don’t Let

Them Control You

Do you sometimes feel like your full-time job is simply keeping up with your messages? Do you ever wonder if that important fax came in while you were at your desk checking email? AT&T Unified Messaging lets you check all of your messages in one place, by phone or from any Internet connection online. Messages are combined into one electronic mailbox from your various services – fax, email, wireless
and landline voice mail – to a central Unified Messaging repository. The Telephone User Interface (TUI) allows you to retrieve all of these messages from any touch tone telephone, while the Web User Interface (WUI) allows you to retrieve those same messages from any Internet connection on a PC.


  • UM Lite – A UM mailbox for customers without a need to integrate cell phone messages
  • UM Standard – A UM mailbox for landline voicemail, cell phone voice mail, email and faxes
  • UM Message Director – A UM mailbox and simple Auto Attendant
  • UM Fax Plus – A UM mailbox with a separate phone number dedicated to inbound faxes
  • UM Extension Mailboxes – UM mailboxes for employees without a telephone line
  • UM DID Mailboxes – Standalone mailboxes with all the features of Unified Messaging



  • Access from any Internet connection
  • Read faxes on your computer
  • Integrates cell phone messages
  • Easy message selection
  • Listen to emails being read to you
  • Compose and forward voicemails from your computer
  • Message notification to pager, cell phone or email
  • Additional customized settings


Text to Speech Technology

Have you ever had an email “read” to you? With AT&T Unified Messaging you can listen to emails read to you over the phone. Checking emails by phone is simple.
Just follow the prompts by the voice attendant. Listen to the email. And stay blissfully informed.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Use AT&T Unified Messaging in your disaster recovery plan. Since you have access to all of your messages (voicemail, email, faxes) from any landline phone, cell phone, or from any Internet connection, your office can stay in touch and maintain productivity from a remote location.
This AT&T network-based service remains up and running in the event your office or building is affected by unforeseen circumstances.

On-Line Product Demonstration is Available

Take a test drive, and see the AT&T Unified Messaging product demonstration at:
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