Web Conferencing with Integrated Data, Video and Audio

AT&T Connect® is a strategic web, audio and video collaboration solution that can help your company compete in today’s challenging retail market. Whether your business model is bricks, clicks, or catalogue flips – or your own unique hybrid – AT&T Connect can help you reach out to customers. Capture sales. Improve processes. Slash your travel budget. And operate more competitively.

Discover New Opportunities

What if… face-to-face meetings were as simple as a phone call?

Now they are with a web-based conferencing experience that feels so up-close and personal, it’s almost like being in the same room. AT&T Connect lets you reach across the miles to see, hear and interact
with employees, customers, vendors and others, without leaving your office. And it couldn’t be easier. It’s This company-wide core business program places powerful conferencing tools at your fingertips on
a single platform – all integrated with your existing systems and software to help you work faster. Smarter. More effectively.

Imagine what your company could achieve by holding all your meetings online with an easy phone, web and/or video conference. You could close the distance between the sales team and customers… Cancel the expensive airline flights between districts and the home office…Quit wasting days away from the desk or store…Train hundreds of employees by making just one recorded training session available 24×7. And that’s just for starters.

“What if…face-to-face meetings were as simple
as a phone call? Now they are, with a web-based conferencing experience that feels so up-close and personal, it’s almost like being in the same room.”

Seize an Advantage

AT&T Connect may be just the edge you need to thrive in today’s retail industry.

It’s an industry that’s rocked by a hostile economy. One where consumers keep white-knuckled grips on their wallets. Where discount stores and online giants gobble up market share. And everyone
else dukes it out for the few remaining dollars. In times like these, companies need a real competitive advantage like AT&T Connect
to succeed.

AT&T Connect conferencing opens a world of opportunities to distinguish your company from others – while making a real impact on your business fundamentals. So you’re in a better position to compete.
Here are just a few ways your company can leverage AT&T Connect:

  • Increase Sales – Focus limited resources on innovative, high-touch sales and marketing programs that use conferencing solutions to integrate your storefront, internet, catalogue and direct marketing efforts with proven person-to-person sales techniques. For instance, you can attract buyers with helpful webinars, provide live ordering assistance with web conferencing, then follow up with interactive product training via video conference to keep customers coming back for more.
  • Drive Innovation and Excellence – AT&T Connect can be a powerful executive communications tool to deliver consistent messages and focus the entire organization on key initiatives.
  • Encourage Collaboration – AT&T Connect knocks down the barriers to communication. Now you can reach out beyond store walls… beyond time zones…even beyond national borders to work virtually side-by-side with associates. Brainstorm on store layouts, product mix, promotions, new product trials and rollouts, and more.
  • Cut Costs – AT&T Connect retail clients have significantly reduced travel expenses and improved productivity by holding regional and district meetings via web conference. The savings don’t stop there. For instance, you can train employees at all your stores with a single inexpensive video conference. Record the session, then make it available online for future training upon demand.
  • Improve Efficiency – Use AT&T Connect to help smooth out the kinks in company processes. Store managers can jointly review spreadsheets and collaborate on inventory sharing solutions to resolve surpluses and shortages. And buyers can preview products before purchase to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Streamline HR Activities – Whether you sell one product or thousands, developing employee and sales force excellence is essential. AT&T Connect conferencing can speed the process and dramatically reduce the costs of hiring, training and benefits awareness.

It’s Not Just Talk

  • Use live video to demonstrate products, preview new lines, provide over-the-shoulder IT support…Meet with employment candidates to assess nonverbal communications
  • Share software applications and documents to complete employee paperwork, show slide presentations or close a sale
  • Use the whiteboard to brainstorm on new merchandising ideas
  • Send and capture notes…Show feelings with emoticons
  • Poll regional personnel on local acceptance of new styles and promotions
  • Record live demos or training sessions; make available 24×7 on the Web
  • Use desktop and in the cloud recording capabilities to capture meetings; use existing integrated software to schedule and track meetings and recordings

Tap Powerful Conferencing Capabilities

AT&T Connect is flexible enough to meet the challenges of a mom-and-pop shop. Yet it can easily scale to meet the complex demands of a global multi-channel powerhouse. Whether it’s a simple voice call between two people or an integrated audio, video and data conference for 125, AT&T Connect provides the Voice over Computer (VoC) support that’s appropriate for your company.

As part of the AT&T Connect service, your company can provide customers, employees and others under its business umbrella with the AT&T Connect Plug-in. This software solution integrates with existing IT and telecom systems, company email and scheduling software, as well as Microsoft® OCS® and IBM® SameTime© applications for Unified Communications.

Features are so intuitive and easy to use that virtually anyone can collaborate online without special training. Participants can join the voice conference from any land line or mobile phone. Or, they can engage in an integrated conference from a computer, land line or mobile device in more than 140 countries.

Retail-Class Security and Technology

AT&T Connect helps protect your company’s security and your customers’ privacy:

  • Meetings and related materials can stay entirely behind your firewall
  • End-to-end SSL encryption ensures data privacy
  • Full visuals of participants prevent hidden listeners. Unwanted participants can be expelled from the conference
  • Fully hosted and hybrid on-premises converged conferencing solutions for easy deployment and strong security
  • Supplied with AT&T’s Global IP Audio Conferencing Service
  • Includes multipoint H.264 desktop video conferencing
  • Host control functionality for the web client (including MAC® users)
  • Backed by the global reach, scalability and reliability of AT&T’s world class MPLS IP-based network

AT&T also understands that retail companies may require tighter security controls. This is why AT&T Connect provides you with multiple deployment options – including a completely on-premise solution where you can implement and manage your own controls behind your own internal firewall.

A Conferencing Leader

In 2009, Gartner placed AT&T as a leader in its Magic Quadrant for Web Conferencing – prime evidence of our strength in the conferencing space. A trusted brand for over 125 years, AT&T has more than a decade of experience in the global enterprise conferencing market. You can have confidence that AT&T will remain a reliable provider thanks to our standing in the industry, financial stability and commitment to our customers.

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