Collaboration is becoming increasingly necessary

In our rapidly advancing and expanding world, collaboration is becoming increasingly necessary. For manufacturers, changing market demands, increased global competition, and tighter budgets are making it difficult to maneuver through these turbulent times.

As you strive to increase productivity and reduce costs, the need to communicate and collaborate in a timely manner, and across organizational boundaries, becomes paramount. Optimizing your business by investing in tools that support increased productivity, innovation time to market and a differentiated customer experience will help provide the agility your business needs to strengthen your long term competitive position.

AT&T Can Help

AT&T Connect®, a strategic Unified Communications solution, transforms conferencing into an enterprise-wide business application, with integrated audio conferencing, web conferencing and video conferencing delivered from AT&T’s global platform. AT&T Connect enables both internal and external collaboration so you can communicate easily from the office or the road, with employees, customers, vendors and partners.

AT&T Connect combines multiple point tools into one product that can be given to everyone in your company, like email, with enhanced tools that facilitate real-time sharing of information including the following.

Voice Conferencing

Enjoy full featured, stand-alone voice conferences. Pre-scheduled and reservationless with network-grade security.

Web Conferencing

Launch online meetings for 2 people or
125 with one click. Share and collaborate applications and documents in real time with colleagues, customers, prospects or partners.

Video Conferencing

Fully integrated multipoint voice, data and video conferencing solution.

The AT&T Connect approach extends proven cost savings and productivity benefits to all employees in the company not just a select few, and empowers innovation throughout the organization, enabling employees to create new ways to speed time to market, improve quality and strengthen customer relationships.

With AT&T Connect you can:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Improve business productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce latency
  • Reduce carbon footprint


  • Cost savings and productivity benefits of conferencing available to all employees
  • Integrates with enterprise IT and telecom systems and applications reducing time and cost to implement
  • Enterprise integration with email, scheduling, portals
  • IP-based which affords a migration platform for Unified Communications solutions


  • Enterprise class solution for organizations of all sizes – Secure, reliable, scalable, bandwidth efficient
  • Integrated global IP audio, web and video over the world class AT&T MPLS IP-based network
  • Flexible & Easy to deploy – Fully hosted or hybrid
  • Integration with Enterprise applications – Outlook®, Lotus Notes®, MS® OCS®

Improve Efficiency

Collaboration features assist employees
by freeing up time spent on unnecessary travel, endless email exchanges, and multiple voice messages trying to resolve central issues. This is the type of “latency” that slows down business information flows and decision making and allows errors to creep in. Mistakes arise because information does not always arrive in a timely manner, and faulty data often trickles through the chain, sometimes causing activity reworks.

AT&T Connect facilitates business efficiency by helping distributed teams work more collaboratively, respond to issues quickly, adjust to unexpected obstacles, and meet demands of targeted timelines.

Innovate Time to Market

Manufacturers are feeling the effects of rapidly changing and challenging times, with higher expectations for product performance and the ways in which those products are positioned and delivered. Introducing new products can be risky and expensive. Collaborating with customers, suppliers, and channels throughout the process can greatly lower the risk and cost, while increasing the pace of innovation.
Collaboration helps accelerate innovation by expanding linkages to resources within and outside the company, to suppliers, partners, and global resources. Use AT&T Connect capabilities to:

  • Initiate virtual meetings between client managers, and product developers to discuss new products for clients based on their specific needs
  • Collaborate with key vendors to review architecture designs, process flows and project timelines
  • Improve the quality of product development and timeliness of product documentation
  • Show everyone how experts win in both live and recorded sessions, whether the topic is product functionality, pricing, beating specific competitors or engaging partners
  • React quickly, when and where needed whether in response to a new opportunity or a competitive threat

AT&T Connect® transforms conferencing from multi-point tools into one communication tool, integrating with core business applications Faster time to completion with higher quality and lower risk for internal projects such as IT, facilities, finance, logistics, sales and services results in increased competitiveness, since projects can be completed faster, and with better quality and information richness.

Increase the Effectiveness of
Business Processes

A business as complex as manufacturing requires highly effective collaboration between specialists from a variety of
internal and external business and support teams. These specialists combine their skills to meet the short- and long-term needs of both the client and customer. AT&T Connect’s virtual meeting capability adds a valuable new dimension to a wide range of internal processes. The ability to collaboratively create, review, and modify policies, documents and presentations in real time, with participants from around the world, helps accelerate business processes.

Effective use of resource identification and problem resolution can increase the effectiveness of business processes if more transactions are completed in a fixed time period. AT&T Connect helps eliminate work, or rework by reducing the time cycles valuable resources spend working on activities.

Connect and communicate by:

  • Holding collaborative sessions involving risk engineers to analyze scenarios for EPA and regulatory compliance, exposure and other risk categories
  • Shortening ramp-up time for new employees with integrated self-paced recordings, flexible access to key subject matter experts and real-time observation
  • Improving the effectiveness of the entire team by enabling everyone to learn from the best
  • Getting information to the field quickly and cost-effectively by delivering real- time and recorded sessions that focus on specific issues to the people that need it
  • Recording key meetings and training sessions for later playback

Differentiate your Customer Experience

In any economy, faster, better decision making is a critical competitive advantage, making the difference between winning or losing a deal, staying in business or crashing.

AT&T Connect supports rich collaboration that can effectively span multiple languages, time zones and geographies that are
the reality in today’s global economies. Differentiate your customer experience by speeding up the flow of information that sometimes slows decision making.

  • Deliver what your customers need, by engaging in timely, and quality interactions
  • Deliver expert resources, information and people that will help you seal the deal
  • Customize client-specific terms and conditions so client managers can deliver proposals more quickly
  • Effectively identify resources that can speed problem resolution more expediently

AT&T Connect enables internal and external collaboration from a single tool, with fully- converged VoIP, traditional wireline telephony, mobile and IP phone access so you can collaborate easily from the office or the road.

Flexible Deployment Options

In addition to on site deployment options, AT&T Connect also supports a fully hosted solution offering the rapid start-up and geographic reach of a globally hosted service. With these flexible deployment options AT&T Connect offers:

  • Flexibility to change from onsite to hosted as the needs of your business change
  • Plan for business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Reliability of a carrier grade network
  • Global reach, both internally and externally, across geographic boundaries
  • Integration with email, scheduling and portals
  • System security features

Transform Your Business


Increase effective collaboration both internally and with partners and suppliers in any geography


Access meeting information virtually anywhere and at any time with the AT&T Connect mobile app


Work more effectively with distributed teams and remote partners

A Conferencing Leader

In 2009, Gartner placed AT&T as a leader in its Magic Quadrant for Web Conferencing – prime evidence of our strength in the conferencing space. A trusted brand
for over 125 years, AT&T has more than a decade of experience in the global enterprise conferencing market. You can have confidence that AT&T will remain a reliable provider thanks to our standing in the industry, financial stability and commitment to our customers.

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