Integrated Data, Video, and Audio Conferencing

AT&T Connect is used by small and large companies around the world to improve their ability to lead, innovate and operate effectively as mobile, distributed organizations. AT&T Connect allows remote teams and individuals to meet virtually, more often and with better results.

  • Improve the quality of product development and timeliness of product documentation
  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Connect geographically-spread teams, mobile and remote employees
  • Standardize skills and web meeting tools for global service teams
  • Reduce travel costs by the millions
  • Conduct product feedback and help sessions virtually
  • Record key meetings and training sessions for later playback

AT&T helps distributed project management teams communicate and collaborate real-time to accelerate product development. AT&T Connect combines voice, web and streaming video in a single platform for all your web conferencing, and collaboration needs. AT&T Connect is flexible enough to solve the immediate requirements of small project teams and can easily scale to meet the larger, more complex demands of larger teams.

Communication. Unlimited.

Every day, AT&T customers are demonstrating that web-based enterprise communications fundamentally improve the way companies do business. In today’s challenging economic environment, project management organizations are faced with shrinking teams, budgets and internal pressures to accelerate timelines for project completion. AT&T helps organizations do just that. AT&T Connect helps your distributed teams work more efficiently without extensive travel, enables your managers to respond to issues more quickly, adjust to unexpected obstacles, and resolve challenges, helping the team meet the demands of a targeted timeline. Our customers tell us that AT&T Connect pays for itself – often in weeks – and provides tremendous ongoing ROI.
Project Management Training
AT&T helps Project Management teams deliver new projects faster. Customers use AT&T Connect’s capabilities to:

  • Shorten ramp-up time for new team members with integrated self-paced recordings, flexible access to key subject matter experts, real-time observation of project management calls and demos.
  • Improve the effectiveness of the entire team by enabling everyone to learn from the best.
  • Show everyone how the experts win in both live and recorded sessions, whether the topic is product functionality, pricing, beating specific competitors or engaging partners.
  • React quickly, when and where needed whether in response to a new opportunity or a competitive threat. Get the information to the field quickly and cost-effectively by delivering real-time and recorded sessions that focus on the specific issue at hand to the people that need it.

Combining Collaboration and Communication in One Platform.

Your teams need to use the right type of communications to suit the audience and the goal.

Supporting communications ranging from 1-on-1 to broadcast-to-many, AT&T Connect offers six types of interactive experiences from one single platform and one single interface.

  • Voice Conferencing – A simple conference call or an integrated audio, data and video conference, AT&T Connect is an all-IP voice conferencing solution. Join the voice conference from any audio device (phone, cell phone) ensuring that your team members can connect to any meeting no matter where they are.
  • Meetings – Launch scheduled or ad hoc meetings, presentations and demos quickly and easily for partners.
  • Virtual Classroom – Reach direct and indirect teams around the world for facilitated small group learning and skills training.
  • Web Seminars – Build awareness, transfer knowledge, and market your product or service in large-group presentations that take advantage of multiple subject-matter experts, rich training functionality and scalable VoIP support to reduce conference call costs.
  • Web Broadcasts – Deliver consistent messages every time at a fraction of the cost of traditional broadcasts. Reach very large groups or partners, up to 125 attendees, quickly and simply, to build understanding of changes in products, pricing or competition. Use this as a component of on-going communications or as one aspect of continual training.
  • Record audio and Reuse – Capture live demos and presentations, pre-record subject-matter experts on complex product issues and create “canned” training modules and product demonstrations that are available anywhere, anytime via internal libraries or public-facing portals.

AT&T Connect Architecture

Designed for the Enterprise
Scalability is more than just connecting many users in a single event. Meeting the needs of distributed enterprises also means supporting large numbers of on-demand events, using scarce network resources efficiently, integrating well into existing hardware and software infrastructures, enabling effective resource management and more. Based on a unique architecture, a distributed network of servers around the globe and years of real-world experience, AT&T solutions can handle the demands of many simultaneous users and events around the world. No one can match AT&T for scalability!

True Enterprise Conferencing

  • Unlimited Collaboration
  • Unprecedented Experience
  • Unrivaled Savings

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