AT&T Connect®

Enterprise 8.9 Edition

AT&T Connect® transforms conferencing into an enterprise-wide core business application, with integrated audio conferencing, web conferencing and video conferencing delivered from AT&T’s global platform. AT&T Connect enables both internal and external collaboration from a single tool, with fully-converged VoIP, regular/mobile and IP phone access so you can collaborate easily from the office or the road, with your employees, customers, vendors and partners!
• Fully hosted and hybrid on-prem converged conferencing solution
• Supplied with AT&T’s Global IP Audio Conferencing Service
• Host control functionality for the Web Client
• Host can start/stop in the cloud recording within event
• Includes multipoint H.264 desktop video conferencing
• Voice only conferencing Outlook® 2007 Add in
• Deploys with the ease of a hosted service, while delivering the security benefits of a premise-based solution
• Backed by the global reach, scalability and reliability of AT&T’s world class MPLS IP-based network
• Allows audio and web conferencing to be brought on premise for IPT savings where desired; system seamlessly taps into hosted capacity for peak periods, geographic reach and failover


• Cost savings and productivity benefits of conferencing available to all employees
• Integrates with enterprise IT and telecom systems and applications reducing time and cost to implement
• A proven solution with 10 years of field experience with some of the largest, most demanding customer in the world
• IP-based solutions which affords a migration platform for unified communications solutions


• Stand-alone and integrated voice, web and video conferencing
• Virtual Training
• Webcasts
• Event Management
• System security features
• Enterprise integration with email, scheduling, portals

• Integrates with unified communications solutions: Microsoft® OCS® and
IBM® SameTime©
• Support Microsoft® Windows® 7 for end-user applications
• Increased browser support – FireFox® V3.0, V3.5 and Chrome® V2.0, V3.0
• Improved Event Entry speed
• Independent of the desktop, any operating system, any device

AT&T Connect on the iPhoneTM!

On the move? Take your meetings with you with AT&T Connect on iPhone. Join an AT&T Connect web or audio conference from wherever coverage is available. Depending upon your connectivity, you can view whiteboard content, see other participants, who’s talking, raise your hand, or give your presenter a “thumbs up!” Exchange private/ public notes and answer polls. AT&T Connect’s converged design means that you can seamlessly interact with colleagues that
join via phone or computer! AT&T Connect
is a scalable desktop/mobile conferencing solution that provides rich, integrated capabilities for company-wide unified communications. Download the AT&T Connect Mobile app at the App StoreSM, for free.
Learn more about AT&T Connect on the iPhone at attconnect_mobile.html.

Multiple Conferencing Products in One

AT&T Connect integrates six conferencing capabilities into one product that meets all of your business needs:
• Voice Conferences. Enjoy full featured, stand-alone voice conferences. Pre-scheduled and reservationless
• Web Meetings. Launch unlimited numbers of online meetings for 2 people or 200 with one click. Share and collaborate applications and documents in real-time with colleagues, customers, prospects
or partners
• Virtual Training. Lead or attend virtual classes with full moderator control and participant interaction features. Reach employees, channel partners and customers around the world for facilitated small – or large – group learning, scheduled or just-in time skills training, certification, etc.
• Web Seminars. Build awareness, generate leads and transfer knowledge internally and externally through low cost, large-group presentations. Live video streaming, polling and other tools keep your audience engaged
• Webcasts. All-hands meetings, quarterly earnings calls and other large events have never been this easy or this economical
• On-demand Recordings. Record live conferences, classes, meetings and events for those unable to attend. Pre-record subject matter experts to play during live events, for those times when they can’t be in two places at once

Enterprise-Class Solution

Over the past twelve years, AT&T Connect has developed into an industry leading technology for conferencing and collaboration. AT&T Connect meets your needs with:
• Enterprise-class scalability, reliability and performance
• Unparalleled bandwidth efficiency • Enterprise-grade security
• Flexible deployment options
• Advanced integration

Selected Features

Voice Conferencing
• Reservationless and scheduled conferences
• DTMF functionality (mute, unmute, participant count, lock/unlock event, raise hand, etc.)
• My Meeting Room: Always-open, personalized meeting room for reservationless voice conferences
• Reporting (usage, tracking, CDR, etc.)
• Access from any device: telephone, mobile, IP phone, PC
• Seamless escalation from voice-only to web to video conferencing

Web Conferencing and Collaboration

• Application sharing and document sharing • Shared whiteboard and annotation tools
• On-the-fly polling
• Public and private chat
• Web Client host control functionality – Web clients, including MAC users, can host AT&T Connect events with many of the same host features available in participant client: use Whiteboard pointer,mute/unmute participants dial out to other participants, lock event, rename/expel participant, give/take presenter rights (Not present), localization of the web participant to 6 locales (Spanish, German, French, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese),scale/resize Whiteboard when using Microsoft Internet Explorer
• Integrated TDM/VoIP Audio
– Full recording options
– Event settings per host: Host can flexibly control conference settings
– Billing identifier
– Secure Meeting Key

Video Conferencing

• Fully integrated multipoint voice, data and video conferencing solution
• Up to 4-way continuous streaming multipoint video
• Choice of video image size (4 different sizes) and video layouts (3 predefined layouts)
• Video privileges can be granted to some or all Hosts
• H.264 video codec for superior image quality

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