Planning for emergencies is an essential and normal part of today’s business environment. Traditionally, emergency response planning focused on short term situations, but with current pandemic concerns, planning also needs to focus on the possibility of longer term events.

Taking a proactive approach is vital. Once a disaster strikes, an organization’s ability to respond quickly and effectively will be critical in protecting its staff, profits, reputation and essential operations. This is true across every organization regardless of size, business or geographic location.

Communication is Crucial

The ability of your organization to withstand any crisis may ultimately rest on the effectiveness of your communications with employees, agencies, suppliers and other key business partners. Senior executives should be ready to deliver the right messages at any given moment.

Effective response coordination during a disaster, means critical business or operational information must be disseminated unambiguously in real-time.

When business is anything but usual, you need to:

  • Quickly establish communications with key partners
  • Maintain productivity and communications
  • Protect employees, customers, business partners
  • Minimize downtime and losses

How AT&T Can Help

AT&T Connect® is an integrated audio, web and video product that provides the tools for visual presentations, remote collaboration and voice conferencing. It allows you to scale from one-on-one and team level meetings to large scale lecture-style events. You communicate using simultaneous voice and video streams, a shared interactive whiteboard and chat-like notes.

AT&T Connect can be set up in advance and used for day-to-day business, as well as be available for those times when it’s anything but day-to-day.

With AT&T Connect, you can:

  • Maintain communication with employees, customers, business partners
  • Delegate specific employees as points of communications as part of a disaster response team
  • Collaborate real-time on projects critical to the operation of the business
  • View business documents that support the ongoing continuity of business operations
  • Provide employees and customers with alternatives to face-to-face meetings

Leave one less thing to chance by using the same audio and web platform for all your business needs. And, AT&T Connect’s ROI tool helps you to build a solid business case by measuring both the qualitative
and quantitative savings of implementing AT&T Connect throughout your organization – no matter what today’s environment brings.


  • Allows advanced planning without the associated cost
  • No contractual lock in for emergency planning
  • Quickly maintain communications with vital associates
  • Collaborate real-time on critical projects


  • Integrated audio, web and video conferencing
  • Flexible and controllable event settings
  • Application sharing
  • Reservationless and scheduled meetings

Determining an Organization’s Business Continuity Preparedness

An organization can begin to assess its own level of preparedness by asking the following questions:

Mitigate Risk, Protect Mission-Critical Data

  • Have we analyzed which business processes, applications and services are most critical?
  • Have we assessed the impact of a potential disruption?
  • Have we created a strategy to mitigate risk?
  • What security measures are in place?
  • Are key locations hardened and facilities conditioned?

Meet Regulatory Requirements

  • Do customers or business partners have regulatory mandated performance or availability service levels?
  • Have we complied with all current or emerging regulatory requirements or public

policy mandates?

Invest Wisely

  • Have we quantified the potential costs of downtime or total business failure?
  • Have we developed sound business cases to optimally invest in risk mitigation?

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