AT&T Connect:
A Leader in Web Conferencing

AT&T Connect – a web conferencing leader with features and benefits for organizations of all sizes. This innovative solution offers a one stop resource for communication and collaboration, with a sleek, intuitive window, and a rich array of conferencing tools.
AT&T Connect transforms conferencing into an enterprise wide core business application with integrated audio, web and video conferencing, offering seamless access for internal colleagues and external partners alike. You can reduce your travel, reduce your overall costs and improve productivity with an IP conferencing solution that’s accessible from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.
AT&T Connect features an array of conferencing tools for maximum productivity and clear communication.
• Share documents and applications for “over the shoulder” interaction
• Use whiteboard to brainstorm on ideas
• Share private, in-conference notes and messages
• Record sessions for compliance or re-use as on-demand training modules
• Capture whiteboard and meeting notes
• Schedule and follow up on sessions with your own integrated office software
• Capture and manage conference data using surveys
• Poll participants to test ideas
A platform for building you your unified communications solution, AT&T Connect deploys with the ease of a hosted service, while delivering the security benefits of a premise-based solution.
• Allows audio and web conferencing to be brought on premise for IPT savings where desired; system seamlessly taps into hosted capacity for peak periods, geographic reach and failover


• Cost savings and productivity benefits of conferencing available to all employees
• Integrates with enterprise
IT and telecom systems and applications reducing time and cost to implement
• Enterprise integration with email, scheduling, portals

• AT&T Connect is supported by the global
reach, scalability and reliability of the AT&T
world class MPLS IP-based network Features
AT&T Connect shares key strengths with
other market leaders, while offering distinct advantages. AT&T Connect is gaining in market visibility and customer acquisition.
• Converged conferencing rather than “multi-point” tools
• Integration with Microsoft® OCS®, IBM® Sametime® platforms
• Integration with mobile devices such as iPhoneTM, BlackBerry®
• Global IP audio conferencing with in-country access numbers
• Allows audio and web conferencing to be brought on premise for IPT savings where desired; system seamlessly taps into hosted capacity for peak periods, geographic reach and failover


• Stand-alone and integrated voice and web conferencing
• Enterprise-class scalability, reliability and performance
• Track Conferences and Recordings
• Enterprise-grade security

• Deploys with the ease of a hosted service while delivering the security benefits of a premise-based solution
• Fully hosted and hybrid on-prem converged conferencing solution
• Voice only conferencing Outlook® 2007 Add-in
• Support Microsoft® Windows® 7 for end-user applications
• Increased browser support – FireFox® V3.0, V3.5 and Chrome® V2.0, V3.0

Deliver a Strategic Advantage

Here are a few of the ways your organization can use AT&T Connect to gain a distinct business advantage:
• Management and Admin – Improve information and decision-making with efficient collaboration tools. Open the lines of communication to knock down silos, reach beyond borders and integrate distributed global staff and partners. Facilitate telecommuting to reduce facility costs, shrink environmental footprint and reduce commuting time and expense.
• Training and Development – Maximize
the business value of each employee
by increasing the reach and quality of training at minimal cost. Creating an online university of virtual and on-demand recorded classes. Integrate collaborative
and online training, career path planning, competency matrices and other programs for a comprehensive career management system. Head off costly lawsuits with compliance training via webinar. Use videoconferences to resolve disputes without travel.
• Employee Motivation – Empower the organization to meet strategic goals by informing and motivating employees with consistent, easily-accessible messages. Use pre-recorded CEO messages or live
video all-hands meetings to share market intelligence, explain business strategy and inspire action for dramatic new growth.
With unlimited access to full-featured voice and web conferencing, every employee
is empowered to work faster, better and smarter. They can conduct hands-on demonstrations for customers. Hold team meetings and brainstorm on projects. And cancel the expensive airline flights between districts and the home office.

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